Bird Christmas Cards

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Bird Christmas Cards Bring Joy to the Holidays

Fly high this Christmas when you reach out to your clients, customers, and associates with bird Christmas cards. Birds are closely connected to the holiday season: the image of a beautiful red cardinal against a backdrop of white snow is one of the most popular and iconic of the winter months and the Christmas holiday! And who can forget the partridge in a pear tree? Don't be a Christmas turkey: strike the right tone and leave a lasting impression with bird Christmas cards this year.

Christmas Cards with Cardinals are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Cardinals may be the stars of Christmas, but our cards feature lots of other great birds, too. Choose from designs that feature a cute bullfinch, funny flamingos, a majestic blue heron, regal eagles, and much more! Our bird Christmas cards range from funny to traditional, allowing you to hit just the right note with your custom design. Once you've chosen the perfect art for your card, let your creativity take flight and customize your own personalized message for the inside. Don't just wing it this Christmas... bird Christmas cards are the perfect way to make everyone on your nice list feel light as a feather!

What's The Best Time of Year to Send Christmas Cards?

In November and December, it's especially important to keep an eye on your mailbox. Christmas cards start streaming in from friends and family near and far, so it's a good idea not to let that stack of envelopes pile up too high. When it's time to send out holiday cards of your own, you want to make sure they arrive to your recipients at the perfect time. Christmas cards that arrive before t...

9 Unique and Creative Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards are a big deal. Everyone sends them at some point during the holiday season, so they’re all trying to make their cards more creative and memorable than the last. What can you write in your cards to make them stand out above the rest? “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings” are fine for beginners, but how can you become a legend of Christmas cards? How can you knock people’s s...


FAQs about Bird Christmas Cards

What is the best way to get bird Christmas Cards?

Browse a selection of Christmas cards and pick your favorite bird-themed design. Design the interior of cards with a preset verse or custom message. Add personal touches such as a photo, logo and one or more signatures. Donate a percentage of the cost of each order to your preferred charity.

Can I customize Christmas cards with birds?

Customize the interior message and design of Christmas cards with bird cover designs. Most greeting cards feature a cover image and message.  You may prefer cards with animated, stylized or photo-realistic cover images. Add a logo, photo, signatures, sender information and a charity line to the inside of each card.

What are the most popular Christmas cards with birds?

Christmas cards with cardinals birds are popular bird-themed Christmas cards in the United States, where seven states have cardinals as the state bird. Historically, robins are the most common birds on British Christmas card designs that date back to the 19th century. Doves are also frequently depicted on Christmas cards.

Which contacts can you send bird greeting cards?

Cards with a bird cover design are suitable for personal or professional contacts. These cards often feature beautiful designs or striking photographs of birds. Contacts of any background or faith can appreciate receiving a card with a bird design during the winter holiday season or at any time of year.

Why are robins considered Christmas birds?

Robins originated on Christmas cards in Britain. Postmen in Victorian Great Britain wore red-breasted uniforms and birds of the same festive color migrate to the UK from Europe every winter. These are two reasons for the historical popularity of winter birds Christmas cards in regions with native robins or cardinals.


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