Penguin Christmas Cards

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Penguin Christmas Cards

A holiday greeting card decorated with penguins is sure to put a smile on the faces of your recipients. Cheerful and festive, these cards are offered in multiple design options from Cards for Causes. Designs include Christmas holiday themes as well as non-denominational season’s greetings. Check out the following reasons why penguin Christmas cards should be at the top your shopping list this holiday season.

Range of Penguin Designs 

Penguin greeting cards are available in a range of designs and styles from Cards for Causes. Some portray whimsical Christmas scenes while others are appropriate for a range of winter season holidays. In either case, penguin cards offer a fun way to send personalized greetings to your friends, family, business associates and colleagues.

Charitable Causes 

Regardless of the penguin design you choose, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choosing. The donation process is easy; during checkout, you can choose the organization that will receive the funds from your purchase. If you don’t see the organization that you would like to support listed, you can submit a request for that charity to be reviewed and added to the list of options. Either way, you will get the cards that you need and can support a great cause at the same time.


With every penguin card option, you can personalize the message inside to match your own sentiments or the values of your organization. If you are unsure of the message to write, we have messages available to choose from as well. Whether you choose to write your own message or use a standard greeting, your penguin cards are sure to please!

Check out Cards for Causes for penguin holiday cards that will carry your holiday greetings. They are a great option for individuals or businesses and will help ensure that you stay connected to your friends, family and business associates during the busy holiday season.



Penguin FAQs

How do I order penguin Christmas cards? 

Ordering is simple at Cards for Causes. Simply choose your card design and determine the message you would like to include inside. Messages can be personalized or a standard greeting can be used. During checkout, you will be asked to select the charitable organization that will receive a donation from your purchase. It is that easy!

Why should I send holiday cards? 

Holiday cards are an easy way to stay connected to friends and business associates during the holiday season. The ability to personalize cards helps ensure that your own voice comes through to your recipients. They will know that you care since you took the time to design and send custom cards to them.

Are penguins popular for Christmas card designs? 

Penguins are a popular choice for Christmas cards as well as non-denominational season’s greetings. Cards for Causes has several options to choose from so that you can find the best design to suit your style. Personalizing the message will help customize the card for your specific needs, whether you prefer greetings for Christmas or another winter holiday.

What do penguins symbolize on greeting cards? 

On holiday cards, penguins offer a fun, lighthearted approach to season’s greetings. They are a natural symbol of winter since many species live in cold and snowy environments, making them a great choice not only for Christmas cards, but for any winter holiday greeting card design.

What should I write inside a greeting card? 

Customizing the message inside your penguin Christmas cards is a great way to communicate with friends and business partners. Your message could be personal, referencing specific reasons why you are grateful for your recipients, or you could choose a standard greeting that encompasses a wide range of best wishes for the season.


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