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Are you in need of a large amount of Christmas cards? Browse through all of Cards for Causes's options of boxed Christmas cards and find something you love. You will be able to order these cards in bulk and save money, while also customizing them to your preferences. The customization process is easy and has many different options, so you will be able to make your cards completely personal and unique. You will also have the option to choose which charity to donate 20 percent of your purchase towards.

Tons of Design Options

When you browse through all the options for bulk Christmas cards from Cards for Causes, you are sure to find something that works for you. If you need something traditional or universal, there are many different simple and straightforward cards that could be addressed to any audience. If you need a lighthearted card, take a look at all the different humorous cards you could send. Other cards feature beautiful photographs or imagery that evoke the spirit of Christmas that can be appreciated by different audiences.

Customizing Your Cards

When you are looking for personalized boxed Christmas cards, look to Card for Causes for many different customization options. After picking out your favorite card design, follow the step by step customization process. You will be able to customize each different feature of the card and make them completely personal. Businesses will also be able to add their company's name or logo to their cards to help promote their brand.

Donate to Charity

Best of all, when you order from Cards for Causes, you can donate 20 percent of the purchase price of your order to the charity of you choice. If you do not have a charity in mind, you can search our list of charitable organizations, cataloged by cause, and find one that supports something you care about.



Boxed Christmas Cards FAQs

How do I order personalized boxed Christmas cards?

Cards for Causes makes it easy to order custom boxed Christmas cards. After picking a design you like and how many you would like to order, simply follow the step by step customization process. Before ordering, you will see a preview of your personalized card. Check this preview carefully to make sure it is correct.

Why should I order bulk Christmas cards?

Ordering Christmas cards in bulk can make economical sense if you know you are going to send a large number of cards. Businesses with large address books to send cards should buy in bulk. Individuals who also find themselves sending a large number of cards should also consider buying in bulk to save money.

Who should my business send personalized boxed Christmas cards?

Businesses should consider sending Christmas cards to anyone they would like to do business with in the coming year. The holidays are a busy time, so sending a Christmas card is an easy way to remind client, business partners and others of your relationship. Clients you've done business with during the year and would like to see again should get a card from you.

When should I order boxed Christmas cards?

In general, the earlier you order your cards, the better. You will need time to receive, address and send the cards before the holiday arrives. Most consider any time in December appropriate to send Christmas cards, so order your in November or earlier.

Are bulk Christmas cards recyclable?

Yes, since these cards are made of paper and card stock, they will be recyclable anywhere that takes paper recycling. Paper envelopes that come with greeting cards are also recyclable. If you are unsure about your local recycling company, check to see if they recycle paper before throwing out your cards.


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