Family Christmas Cards

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Delight your loved ones during the holiday season when they open up their mailboxes and find family Christmas cards signed by you. While cards take up a lot of time during the holidays, they are a special way to send updates about your past year as a family. Whether you choose family photo Christmas cards to update everyone, or add in a family letter, your recipients will smile when they see how much has changed.

Create Custom Family Christmas Cards

It's possible to send a generic card and get the task over with, but to make your friends and family feel extra special, you can order custom family Christmas cards. Cards for Causes has the ability to print your own message on the interior of each card. If you aren't sure what to write, we have a selection of pre-written verses at the ready. Just click on one to add it.

How early should I order family Christmas cards?

If you want to get ahead on your holiday tasks, order your Christmas cards in September or October to ensure they arrive early. You can sign them, write mailing addresses on the envelopes and be prepared to mail them in late November or early December. Your friends and family will be overjoyed to see your card come first.

What photo should I use for our Christmas card?

Some families have photoshoots in the fall to use as their Christmas card photo, but this isn't a necessary step. You can choose some of your favorite photos throughout the year and make a collage photo or just pick one. The photos can be silly and fun, don't overthink it.

When should I mail my Christmas cards?

Christmas cards can be mailed anytime throughout November or December. The holidays are jam-packed full of events and gatherings. If you want to take one item off of your to-do list early, sending cards is one of the easiest things to do. Check this item off as soon as possible so you can get to shopping, baking and gift wrapping.

What charity do I support with my purchase?

At Cards for Causes, twenty percent of your order goes to support the charity of your choice. We have hundreds to choose from, but if you don't see one you like, you can always submit a cause for consideration. Once you choose your design and select your custom message, you'll end up on the screen where you pick a charity from the menu. They are arranged by category to help you find the one you want.

What kind of greeting should I add to my cards?

There are many ways to say Merry Christmas in a card. You can add a general holiday greeting from our pre-selected verses or write your own personalized greeting by typing in what you want to say and choosing your text size and font. A quick family update can be added in the text box if you don't want to handwrite every one. It's best to sign your own name for a personal touch.


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