Semi Truck Christmas Card

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Christmas cards that have truck-themed covers are the perfect choice for trucking companies and independent owners and operators. Discover the options for customizing semi truck Christmas cards, from adding the name of a company to the cover of selected designs to customizing the inside of every card.

Truck-Themed Christmas Cards

Semi trucks, also known as big rigs or 18 wheelers, are among the most distinctive tractor truck designs. These rigs are highly visible on many highways and roads. As a result, a business owner sending cards can expect that a drawing or photographic image on semi Christmas cards should be familiar to most greeting card recipients. For this reason, it can be effective for trucking companies to send Christmas cards and other greeting cards with one or more semi trucks on the cover.

You can select your favorite card design or look for a card cover with the artistic representation or photograph of a semi truck that bears the closest resemblance to the trucks in your fleet. Cards with truck cover designs can be helpful for reinforcing associations between your transportation business and semi trucks among recipients, which is a tried and true method of mail marketing.

Big Rig Greeting Cards

Cards that have big rigs on the cover tend to showcase the entire semi truck shape, including the tractor and trailer. Depending on the design of a card, the truck and background may be stylized or photo-realistic. Both styles of cards tend to feature backgrounds and color schemes that are traditionally associated with the winter holiday season.

Many cards feature happy holidays or season’s greetings cover messages. Some designs also have the option to add the name of your trucking company to the cover of the card. All cards are fully customizable inside, with a message, sender information, and a charity line. Order cards in bulk that represent the values of your fleet while celebrating the holiday season.



Semi Truck FAQs

How do I buy semi truck Christmas cards in bulk?

Pick your favorite semi truck card design from an assortment of card covers. Once you have selected a card, you may be able to customize the cover of selected card designs. Write a custom message or select a preset message and include personalized sender information and an optional charity line.

Is it possible to customize covers of truck Christmas cards?

Many truck Christmas card and seasonal designs have designated space on the cover for the name of a trucking company or independent owner operator. Browse semi truck-themed cards to find your favorite design and look for this indicator. You can also customize the interior of any bulk order of cards.

What are the bestselling truck cards?

The top truck cards feature artistic or stylized representations of semi trucks against festive or seasonal backgrounds. Some of the most popular truck card designs are holiday greeting cards suitable for all of the recipients on a mailing list. The cover art and message of cards will represent your business.

Which parts of cards can I customize?

Some cards make it possible to add the name of a trucking company or transportation professional in a designated space on the cover. It is easy to personalize the inside of any card design with options for a custom message or preset template, photo, logo, sender information and charity line.

What do you say inside a truck greeting card?

The message on the interior of semi truck Christmas cards should convey Christmas or seasonal greetings to recipients on the sender’s behalf. A trucking company owner or operator might want to express his or her appreciation or consideration for clients or other contacts on the occasion of the winter holidays.


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