Graduation Thank You Cards

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Graduation is an exciting time to celebrate the launch of the high schooler to the college student or the college grad to the real world. New beginnings are exciting and the loved ones around the graduate enjoy having the chance to encourage him or her to chase after their dreams and rise to their potential, which means you are going to need graduation thank you cards. Parties are a fantastic way to honor the new grad and send them off into the next stage of life, and with that comes celebratory gifts to commemorate the occasion. Order your personalized thank you cards today to prepare for after the party.


Graduation Thank You Cards FAQs

Can I order bulk thank you cards?

If you know you'll have more than 25 thank you cards to send, it's a great idea to order in bulk. The cost per card decreases as the number of cards increases.

What style should I choose for my graduation thank you cards?

You can choose the style that fits your personality the best. There's a variety of designs to choose from that showcase simple typography, fancy lettering or graphics, so you can pick the card that matches your aesthetic.

When should I send my thank you cards?

The best time frame to send a thank you card that sticks with proper etiquette is within three months from the date of the celebration. If you receive gifts separately in the mail, a thank you should be sent within two to three weeks.

What is included in a thank you note?

Make sure to include appreciation for the gift you received, you can specifically name the item or keep it generic. If the person was at your party, thank them for coming and celebrating with you. Keep the message honest and thoughtful for the best thank you.

Can I order personalized thank you cards?

Personalized graduation thank you cards can be ordered and may save you a lot of time because a pre-written message can be printed on the interior of the card. To make it heartfelt, add a handwritten signature and a small note if you received something above and beyond what you expected.

What to Write in a Graduation Thank You Card
What to Write in a Graduation Thank You Card

When you graduate, you are likely to receive many generous gifts, cards and messages. You are no doubt grateful for the kindness and support of your friends and family, but what do you say in your graduation thank you cards?

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How to write the perfect thank you card

Appreciation cards are an important way to tell someone they did good. Make sure to give some thought into how you say thank you as they did in the gift or service they gave you. Maybe custom greeting cards are worth considering too. They are a way of taking time and giving thought without overdoing it and even potentially showing up your gift. However you say thank you though, let these tips help your feelings and appreciation show!



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